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Have you ever sourced a product to sell on Amazon before? This week AMAZOOKA is featuring blog posts all about FBA Product Sourcing for Amazon Sellers. Tips inside for Old & New Sellers alike!

Whether you do Retail Arbitrage or Private Label your won products direct from a manufacturer, we all could use some tips on how to source products more effectively. Get an edge on the competition from the start and watch your profits grow!

The Amazooka Method stresses the importance of data informed decision making, from the moment you decide to source a product. Track a single product you believe in or a few products from the same category to do some market research, and then confidently jump on a great deal on a product or category you already know will succeed.

Enjoy the reading material!

Top 4 Ways To Do FBA Product Sourcing

Who Should Read This
If you’re a new Amazon Seller trying your hand at FBA Product Sourcing for the first time, this is the perfect article for you. Get tips from The Selling Family that anyone can relate to and everyone should follow.

Why It’s Worth Reading
I love the selling family. Not only do they show that a family focused business can be effective, but they share their success in a way that’s easy to understand. If the idea of starting your own Private Labeling empire is a bit much, check out the Selling Family for tips on how to earn additional income with common sense tips and techniques.


6 Amazon FBA Sellers Share Their Start

Who Should Read This
First hand accounts of how Amazon Sellers got their start and what their Eureka moments are always great for inspiration and motivation. If you need a little bit of both, check this article out.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Reselling can be lucrative especially if you have the time and resources to get in on the best deals and the right time. Side Hustle Nation featured these 6 FBA Sellers and how they got started recently, and I love how honest and simple so many of their starts were. Though many Private Label and produce their own products now, their start is testament to how a simple idea done right can lead to success!


Finding Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon FBA

Who Should Read This
If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with your FBA Product Sourcing, this article’s for you. You can skip this if you already have a system for finding and researching products to resell.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Are you discouraged by the lack of success sourcing products to sell on Amazon FBA? Pajama Affiliate’s blog on FBA Product Sourcing does a great job to reassure you that you’re not alone and how to make the whole process less daunting. Breaking down sourcing to easy to complete steps is the main selling point in this post, and one I think you should definitely read.


Five Local Options for FBA Product Sourcing

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First time Sellers and Product Investors need to read this. If you’re averse to jumping headfirst into wholesaling and private labeling go local and on a smaller scale with these great tips.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Trying to get your start with Amazon FBA, but not ready to work with a professional supplier yet? Whether it’s due to limited capital, credit, or just a desire to start cautiously, Sell Brite’s article on sourcing small quantities locally is perfect for first time FBA sellers seeking to test the market before investing in an idea.


Sourcing on Craigslist for Amazon FBA

Who Should Read This
For those who love to bargain or revisiting old sites with new techniques, this article from Jordan Malik is for you. With the kind of clever insight and thinking that he’s known for, this post makes you reconsider not just your Sourcing strategies, but every aspect of your Amazon FBA business.

Why It’s Worth Reading
I love Jordan Malik’s blog, and his advice is always spot on. His post on sourcing from Craigslist is great and filled with tips and techniques to find value hiding in plain site. If you haven’t read Jordan’s blog, his courses are always informative and are some of the best in the industry. Follow him if you aren’t already. 


From Thrift Shops to FBA Sourcing

Who Should Read This
If you never thought you could grow into a six figure Amazon FBA Business, this post is for you. From thrifting products one by one to making large wholesale product purchases, this blog post shows how one small seller can make it big.

Why It’s Worth Reading
If you’ve been thrifting for as long as Debra has been from the great blog, you’ll start seeing patterns emerge for certain products. Taking that knowledge and turning it into profit is what’s made Debra & Beth such great selling successes. Check this post out to see how you can ease into bigger wholesale purchases that yield even bigger profits!


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