The Amazon Round Up – May 6
Email Marketing Edition

We wanted to focus on just Email Marketing this week in response to a reader’s request. We rounded up 6 great articles to jump start your email marketing campaigns, give a boost to your existing campaigns, and provide you with reasons why Email Marketing is crucial to your success!

If you have any topic you’d like us to focus on in the future, email us and let us know! Thanks and Enjoy the links!

3 Tips to Manage Your Email for Amazon FBA Sellers

Who Should Read This
New and Growing Amazon Sellers who’ve slowly seen their inbox get overrun with Seller Central Notifications, Alerts, and Advertisement. If you’re looking for tips to control your email, this Article’s for you.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Simple and insightful tips for growing FBA Sellers who are starting to get a bit overwhelmed by the number of emails they’re receiving. I have really enjoyed the Online Selling bloggers, so if you’re unread emails are in the Hundreds or Thousands, check this article out!


A Simple Way to Turn Your Email Subscribers into True Fans

Who Should Read This
All Amazon Sellers with a healthy Email List, but lacking conversions. If you’re looking to turn subscribers or followers into paying customers, this post is for you!

Why It’s Worth Reading
If you’ve never written an Email Newsletter before, or if you find that yours are lacking, take a gander at CopyBlogger’s latest article on strategies to get the most out of your email lists. It’s a simple and easy to understand piece on the do’s and don’ts of Email Newsletters.


How Small Businesses Can Conquer Email Marketing

Who Should Read This
For Small to Medium sized Amazon Sellers who haven’t already started Email Marketing. If you’re seeking tips or just some motivation to get started, this posts’s for you.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Following the trend this week on Email Marketing, is this piece on how NOT to Spam your email list. Written to help Small Business owners evolve their marketing style with great tips and techniques to nurture your audience to grow engagement and increase your revenue.


A Marketer’s Guide to Email Technology

Who Should Read This
For Amazon Sellers with an Existing Email List seeking ways to improve conversions, clicks, and open rates. Great for Sellers who are a bit more technically savvy.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Who is an email really from? This great article from Pardot does a great job of clearing up misconceptions and is full of great tips to get past overzealous spam filters, and into the inboxes of your existing customers and fantastic leads.


5 Strategies to Improve Your Email Marketing

Who Should Read This
For stat geeks who love numbers and figures to encourage you to do more. Great for the intermediate Amazon seller who’s looking to broaden their business to incorporate Email Marketing, but wants some facts to support their decision.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Believe me, its not always easy to write persuasive Marketing Emails. Which is why simple articles like these are a wonder. These posts have helped me cultivate ideas, refine my strategies, and given me perspective when I get stuck.


Build Customer Trust by Sending These 6 Emails

Who Should Read This
For Amazon Sellers struggling to connect with their Email List, or those who don’t believe their conversion rates are where they should be. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Is this spammy?” Read this.

Why It’s Worth Reading
We wrote about our Auto Responder Strategy recently and our simple three email sequence to encourage more 5-Star Reviews. If you liked that read, you should check Vertical Response’s suggested 6 Email sequence to build relationships and trust with your customers.


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