The Amazon Roundup – April 22nd

This week’s roundup features strategies to generate genuine reviews, podcasts, great news on an online tax that’s been rescinded in the US, Amazon jumping into the Fashion game, and some great tips from a few of our favorite contributors on the web!

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Why you shouldn’t lament the loss of Verified Review Badges for coupons of more than 50% and the ability to straight up pay someone for reviews. Discover how we use Amazooka’s Auto-Responder to convert 5% of our sales into genuine 5-Star Reviews while the rest of the industry is getting a 3% clickthrough rate!


Courts rule Colorado can’t keep proposed ‘Amazon Tax’

Who Should Read This
Sellers with Amazon sales in Colorado. Sellers on Amazon’s US Marketplace. And everyone keeping an eye on the growing trend of governments trying to tax online sales.

Why It’s Worth Reading
It’s important to keep an eye on online tax laws, especially for wins like this story from Colorado. It’s not just the Department of Revenue of Colorado who’s fighting for a tax on out-of-state retailers, but all countries around the world, in response to the shifting retail economy away from brick and mortar stores and into the digital realm.


Behind Amazon’s bet on Private Label Fashion

Who Should Read This
Online Retailers in the Fashion and Apparel industry. All sellers concerned with Amazon entering their category and competing with their product.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Amazon has created their own Private Label Brands before, and each time they is an opportunity to research how they affect sales. No matter what your product or competition is, a flexible strategy ready for ANY competitor is crucial to the success of a business.


Larry Kim Spills His Favorite Facebook and Twitter Ad Hacks

Who Should Read This
Private Labelers and Online Retails thinking about advertising on Facebook or Twitter. Sellers who already advertise on Social Media. Anyone who wants the BEST online marketing advice.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Larry Kim is a legend in PPC and Advertising, so I’m including this article on his Social Media tips and hacks because I think he’s definitely worth a follow. Though he doesn’t always specifically talk about Amazon, Larry is an industry leader you should be following.


Amazon to Open 7th California Fulfillment Center

Who Should Read This
Any Sellers using Fulfilled by Amazon and anyone who’s unsure about starting to sell on Amazon.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Amazon is still growing! Plans are in place for a new San Bernardino facility, it’s 7th in California alone. I love articles like these that reinforce the fact that Amazon is still growing and there continues potential to be a lot of opportunity for new sellers.


How to Nail Your First Shipment to Amazon FBA

Who Should Read This
Anyone who’s new to Selling on Amazon. Sellers sending their first shipment to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Lover’s of informative Amazon related podcasts.

Why It’s Worth Reading
I remember how difficult the first shipment to an FBA Center was. If you’re a new seller looking to make the first shipment a lot easier, definitely check out this podcast. eCommerceFuel was one of the first sites we started to follow when we became Private Labelers, so if you love this podcast, definitely subscribe to the show.


Bobsled Marketing’s PPC Specialist Shares His Top 5 Tips

Who Should Watch This
Sellers thinking about starting to use Google AdWords. Anyone struggling with paid advertising. Successful Sellers looking to keep an eye on paid marketing trends.

Why It’s Worth Watching
Brooklyn Based Bobsled Marketing has successfully launched dozens of products, and their video on Sponsored Products Ads is a great way to get the kind of insights businesses usually get from years of experience. Concise, and with a few great tips, this video is worth the 3 minutes to watch.


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