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Thinking about using social media to boost your sales and revenue? This week AMAZOOKA is featuring Articles addressing the Pros and Cons of FBA Social Media Marketing. Find out if its right for you inside!

The Amazooka Method stresses the importance of broadening your markets to mitigate the eventual sales downturn (be it seasonal or due to frequent Amazon changes) that all FBA Sellers face.

Private Labelers are best positioned to take advantage of Social Media marketing. A strong brand is integral to harnessing the power of Social Media. Gaining followers is great, but building brand awareness is what Facebook and Instagram are best for and is what you should focus on when deciding to invest time and money in Social Media.

How to Increase Your Amazon Sales by up to 50%

Who Should Read This
New FBA Sellers and existing Amazon sellers who want to increase their sales (and don’t we all?) Anyone who wants advice on Marketing and Increasing their sales and revenue.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Competition on Amazon can be fierce. By some estimates, Amazon receives nearly 90 million unique visitors each month, spending more than $80,000 a minute all day, every day. So how can you get a piece of the pie? Get these 5 Tips – including how to market on social media effectively – to boost your sales today!


Why Social Media Marketing Sucks. (Podcast)

Who Should Read This
A must read for all Amazon Sellers looking to get into marketing. Get to know the pros and cons of Social Media marketing before you invest your time and money.

Why It’s Worth Reading
At Amazooka, we believe in giving both sides to every story. We personally market on Social Media, some but some successful sellers – like FBA All-Stars – don’t believe in Social Media Marketing. Check out this Podcast to get the other side of the story and make up your own mind. Your Ad Budget is crucial to your success, so read up and do what’s best for your business!


How To Build an FBA Social Media Marketing Following That Converts

Who Should Read This
For FBA Sellers and Private Labelers thinking about investing in FBA Social Media Marketing, this is the Article for you. The best advice for sellers who are more concerned with sales than followers.

Why It’s Worth Reading
The problem for FBA Sellers like us, is that it’s hard to devote time to all the different social media platforms available these days. Balancing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat while trying to run a site and your FBA Store is Exhausting, but this article shows you what to focus on and how to best use your time to get more sales instead of just more followers.

How Amazon Sellers Use Social Media to Increase Sales & Revenue

Who Should Read This
For all Amazon sellers! Anyone who wants to increase their Amazon Profits and Sales. Learn the secrets from the best sellers on how to get the most out out of your ad budget for FBA Social Media Marketing.

Why It’s Worth Reading
My favorite quote from this article was, “To date, social marketing and promotions have been our most effective and efficient means for driving conversions, not just raw clicks.” It’s important to remember that Clicks aren’t the point, Conversions are. Get this aspect down perfectly, and watch the revenue roll in.


Amazon Giveaway: A Social Media Generation Tool

Who Should Read This
For Amazon Sellers and Private Labelers looking for different strategies that not only generate more social media followers, but that also convert more and increase sales and revenue.

Why It’s Worth Reading
With increased traffic of up to 40 percent in weekly growth and over 2.8 million new Twitter followers, Amazon Giveaways for FBA Social Media Marketing seems like an awesome investment. But, since it’s introduction last year, the tool has acquired mixed reviews. Read this to find out more from the experts and be informed before giving away free products on Social Media!


9 Ways To Boost Traffic, Social Shares & Sales!

Who Should Read This
More than followers, what matters is conversions and revenue. If you want to make the most of your advertising budget, check out this article for the kind of tips that are worth reading.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Point 5 is what really sold this article for me: “Get 2x more Social Media Followers by Becoming an Informer.” It sounds simple, but we’ve found this point to be true. Don’t assume that marketing is the goal of social media. Informing your followers and becoming a thought leader in your niche is more valuable and will increase your  traffic and sales. 


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