Feedback Loops and Systems Setups to Automate Your Amazon Business – TripleA 8

So you need to sell more products on Amazon? Let’s talk Amazon FBA and what goes into ranking higher and seller better on everyone’s favorite ecommerce giant. On Amazon the winners win and sales speed more sales, it’s a flywheel of passive private label profit, here is what you NEED to know to start selling more Amazon items today!

Hey FBA Sellers, Tune In To Find Out

  • Just how powerful automation and systems can be in boosting your bottomline
  • Ways to boost reviews and seller feedback – while you sleep
  • Why Amazon is the ultimate, hands-off passive business model
  • How you can remove negative feedback and prevent 99% of negative reviews (plus, if you use Amazooka we watch your reviews for you too  : )
  • Why entrepreneurs NEED to outsource or automate ASAP for profits
  • How inexpensive and easy it can be to hire a virtual assistant
  • Why time is money and freeing time for life is better
  • What autoresponders actually do for boosting customer service and loyalty
  • The reason you SHOULD be personal and emphasize the small business aspect
  • How to use coupon to create  repeat, review leaving buyers
  • Why set it and forget it is ALMOST possible

A Great Resource for Feedback Follow Ups

  • Scott Voelker with the Amazing Seller is a super guy. He’s put together a pretty power template for your feedback follow up sequences. Check it out here if you’re interested in getting more reviews now, then plug it into our Amazooka autoresponder to start feedback and reviews flying!

The Amazon Follow Up Basics:

  • Right when your product ships – “Hey, it’s coming. Yeah”
  • 2 days after shipping – “Get your product? Love it? We’d love feedback 🙂
  • One week later – “Wanted to follow up, make sure you’re happy…”

etc, change the copy as you see fit.

Tools and Links Mentioned in the Episode

  • Jungle Scout – a Chrome extension to speed the process of searching for products. Check out our interview with JS creator Greg Mercer here.
  • AWeber – an autoresponder for your off-Amazon business with email marketing and list building
  • LeadPages – a landing page software to quickly, easily create cool email capture forms

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