How to Dominate Amazon PPC with Sponsored Ads for Private Label Profit – Triple A6

Mad Men, Amazon style. It’s time to talk Amazon sponsored ads, powerful PPC and ways to show your private label product on page 1 immediately after launching. Amazon PPC is incredibly robust and NEEDS to be a core of your FBA business, here’s our opinions and strategies on Amazon advertising (certainly not set in stone, simply what we do). Hope this helps and go make it happen!

The Keys to Amazon PPC – Tune In To Find Out

  • How ad spends affect rankings, even organic sales
  • Why it pays to spend more on Amazon ads
  • The importance of reviews and a fast start to killer conversion rates
  • Strategies to find more profitable keywords to target
  • Why you should almost NEVER turn off Amazon ads
  • Everything you need to know about ACOS
  • Why there is a delay in Amazon sponsored sales data
  • The reason ads don’t need to break even
  • How Amazooka AdTracker helps you dominate PPC sales!

Amazon Sponsored Ads – Campaigns to Get Started

  1. Amazon autotargeting campaign
  2. Amazon suggested keywords campaign
  3. Adwords competitor keywords campaign

***Run all of these for one week, duplicate them exactly so you have two sets of identical campaigns and pause the originals for a week. This keeps your ads running, momentum going and lets you see the data you NEED to know to see what converts!***


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