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FBA Sales Slump Edition

Are you in the midst of an FBA Sales Slump? Do you feel your Amazon success is waning? This week AMAZOOKA is featuring articles addressing why your sales may be down, and what you can do about it.

The Amazooka Method stresses the importance of data informed decision making. In regards to your Sales Dropping, its important to know WHY this is happening, and if it is a result of more competition, a change in Amazon’s Terms of Service, an issue with your Reviews or Listing, or if it is just the Low Season for your Product or Category.

By tracking your Best Seller Rank (BSR) you’ll be able to tell if a sales drop is occurring to your product alone, or across the category. If your BSR stays the same, but your sales drop, DON’T WORRY! Your sales may be down, but your performance relative to the competition hasn’t. This is probably the result of a seasonal downturn. If your BSR goes down BUT your Keywords continue to rank at the same level, this too is a sign of a Seasonal Lull.

So when should you be concerned? When your BSR and Keywords take a nosedive, sound the alarm. Your competition is beating you, and its time to make some changes. Are you tracking your BSR, Keywords, and Sales? If you aren’t, your really should. Otherwise you’re just flying blind and relying on luck.

5 Ways To Survive Your Seasonal FBA Sales Slump

Who Should Read This
New FBA Sellers and existing Amazon sellers who’ve never experienced a Seasonal Dip should read this. Anyone who collects tips and strategies for Amazon Selling will love this.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Seasonal Slumps are typical for most products and categories, so don't fret if you're experiencing this for the first time. It happens to everyone. This blog post is ideal for New Sellers seeking advice on how to work through a low season slump. Full of solution oriented tips perfect for all sellers.


Don’t Panic! The Sudden Sales Slump Checklist

Who Should Read This
If you’re an existing Amazon Sellers or a New FBA Seller this is the perfect post for you to read. Anyone about to freak out about a dip in sales, STOP, and read this before you spiral down a pit of despair.

Why It’s Worth Reading
A simple drop in sales is completely normal for Amazon selling. But if you find yourself in the midst of a sales drop avalanche, read this checklist to figure out what caused it. From Seasonal Dips to New Competition or a ton of New Negative Reviews, this Checklist provides solutions for every reason.


How Suspension Crashed My Amazon Sales

Who Should Read This
For anyone who enjoys great advice from experienced FBA Sellers (and don’t we all?). For fans of inspirational stories of triumph over an FBA Sales Slump.

Why It’s Worth Reading
From success to being suspended, James Amazio tells his Amazon FBA story in this ideal post for Sellers who've faced suspension. Going from $50,000 USD a month to $0 can be terrifying, but James' article is full of insights on how to avoid getting suspended and what to do in case you do. Definitely worth a read!


Amazon FBA 101: Evaluating Sales and Competition

Who Should Read This
For new Amazon sellers and individuals who are considering starting to sell on Amazon. Avoid an FBA Sales Slump before it happens by setting up your store the right way!

Why It’s Worth Reading
Adam Chudy’s article on the how to evaluate the competition before selling on Amazon is a great read to avoid a sales slump BEFORE it happens. With proper due diligence, you can prevent many issues before they happen. Sales Slumps are unavoidable, but proper preparation will reduce their frequency!


Beware! Amazon WILL Cash in on Your Success

Who Should Read This
For all Amazon sellers! Anyone who suspects Amazon will undercut their prices, this is the proof you dread reading about. Paranoid Amazon Sellers who believe their FBA Sales Slump is Amazon’s fault, you may be right!

Why It’s Worth Reading
Often what can be the root of your Amazon Sales decline can be Amazon itself. This Bloomberg article illustrates how Amazon uses sales data to determine what products are selling well, and will enter the market at a significantly lower price, capitalizing on your success at your expense. Seller beware!


How to Find and Remove “Dead Inventory”

Wealth Artisan

Who Should Read This
For every type of Amazon seller who’s ever had to make the difficult choice of discontinuing a once successful product listing. An FBA Sales Slump may not always be temporary. This article is perfect for those who want an answer to the question “Is it time to cut my losses?”

Why It’s Worth Reading
Sometimes you need to accept defeat and cut your losses. Whether its because Amazon has undercut your business or a rogue seller has gone mad slashing prices, there are some battles that just aren't worth fighting. This post spells out when to move on to the next winner instead of sticking with a loser.


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