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Great response from readers this week. We absolutely loved the suggestions from everyone! This week we curated 2 great articles about Google AdWords for experts and beginners, found some great posts about Amazon Trends & Reviews, and include a great SEO and Amazon PPC piece.

How Small Can Outrank Big Businesses and Why!

Who Should Read This
Potential Private Labelers and New Amazon Sellers. If you think you’re too small to compete, you’re not! Find out why here.

Why It’s Worth Reading
SEO can be a confusing topic for new sellers, and it may feel a bit overwhelming. And with HUGE competitors with giant budgets, it can be difficult to understand how to outrank them. It’s actually easier for small websites to outrank big ones! And this article does a great job articulating just how its done!


Moving Beyond Last Click Attribution in AdWords


Who Should Read This
Are you an Amazon PPC Pro? Are you Advanced at Google AdWords? For those of you who are interested in a public beta of a new Google AdWords model (and are lucky enough to be eligible to access it) this post is for you.

Why It’s Worth Reading
Have you been advertising with Google AdWords for a while now? If so, AdWords advertisers with sufficient data will also be able to select a new data driven attribution model to determine which keywords and clicks are the most effective at driving results. Read this if you want to stay on the cutting edge of Google AdWords.


Best Way to Use Google Adwords When Starting an Amazon PPC (or Any!) Campaign

Who Should Read This
Perfect for Amazon PPC Beginners and Google AdWords Novices. Any First Time Advertisers should definitely read this. This is ideal for Sellers looking to reinvest some of their profits into marketing.

Why It’s Worth Reading
If “Moving Beyond Last Click Attribution” sounds like a foreign language to you, but you still want to try your hand at AdWords, read this! Thoughtfully written, insightful, and easy to understand, this post does a fantastic job at getting you acquainted with the basics of AdWords and Amazon PPC without going overboard.


5 Trends Amazon Sellers Need to Know for 2016

Who Should Read This
Everyone. If you already know these tips great. If you don’t, read this, and now you do! And if you think they’re missing something, you may have found just your competitive advantage!

Why It’s Worth Reading
Whether you’re a new seller or existing one, these 5 trends are crucial to your success in 2016. Ideally you’ll be aware of some of these, but if you aren’t in the know, now you will be. From Mobile optimization to Amazon Prime Enterprise being released soon, these are trends you NEED to be aware of.


How to Sell Online & Make Money in 4 Steps

Who Should Read This
Perfect if you’ve never sourced a product before. Introductory level reading on the basics of how to source products and sell online.

Why It’s Worth Reading
If you’re on the fence about selling on Amazon, or want a little more insight into how this all works, look no further than this article. Sam isn’t sharing any secrets here, since this information is readily available online, BUT the post is well structured and easy to read. Ideal for the first time seller. 


10 Review Post Writing Tips That Aren’t Sleazy

Who Should Read This
Everyone. From New Sellers looking to get their First Reviews to High Volume Sellers looking to improve on their existing model.

Why It’s Worth Reading
For all you sellers looking for the perfect review, look no further than this article right here. It breaks down the perfect affiliate marketing review post, and applies well to Amazon Reviews and how they should be written. Touching on tone, pitch, and sincerity, without coming off as fake, paid for, or spam. Great piece!


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