Tired of Amazon Removing Verified Reviews? Learn How To Make Them Stick, Forever!

The Amazooka Method.
How to Convert Amazon Buyers into Genuine Reviews

There have been a lot of articles written recently about the ramifications of the changes made to Amazon’s Term of Services. Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Customer Support have left most users confused and Amazooka users have been asking how they may be affected.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Amazon changed their Terms of Services last summer in an effort to reduce fraud and abuse of Amazon Reviews and manipulation of Amazon Rankings. Some less honest ways to get to the front page for a keyword, generate sales and buy reviews were made harder to accomplish.

And you know what? This is great! These changes make it easier for legitimate sellers to compete and make money.

Real users shouldn’t be affected, though. If you really want to run around in circles, there are a lot of well written articles about the state of SuperURLs, whether Reviews have Verified Badges (or not), stories about reviewers getting sued by Amazon and the impending collapse of giveaway sites. Not so much fun.

Or you can trust Amazooka to make sure we follow Amazon’s Terms of Services because we (the entire Amazooka Squad) use Amazooka to sell on Amazon. We feel – as the rest of you surely do – that sustaining a successful business on Amazon is the #1 priority, and any shortcuts that put our businesses at risk is not worth taking.

Instead, why don’t we discuss how we’ve been able to use Amazooka’s Auto-Responder to convert 5% of our sales into genuine 5-Star Reviews from REGULAR Customers while the rest of the industry is getting a 3% clickthrough rate (Data based on Mailchimp’s Email Marketing benchmarks).

Achieving sustained success requires a strong foundation of genuine reviews. And while we certainly do give away coupons and have used Product Launchers before, nothing is more important over the lifetime of our brands and products than a well written after sales email campaign that you set and forget with an Auto-Responder.

Which is why we want to share our 3 Email Campaign Strategy and the Email Templates we use to get buyers to leave a review 167% more often than the average Amazon Seller outside of product promotion times.

There’s no magic bullet. The templates are simple and how they’re scheduled isn’t some big secret. The truth is success takes hard work and diligence. So remember these 3 things when writing your template.

Auto Responders work when you:

  1. Know Your Audience & Speak to Their Needs
  2. Have a Strong Brand Identity and Voice
  3. Provide value to your customers

Make the effort to think about your customer demographics, keep your brand identity in mind, write with a consistent and authentic voice, and provide value to your customers so there’s a reason for them to open your next email. 

Do the work right the first time, test it out until you’re certain it works, and then automate things confidently. You’ll then have time to do more, while guaranteeing a steady stream of genuine reviews. 

Now, without further ado, here is the template for the After-Sales 3 Email Campaign you can use for your own Auto-Responder. If you’d like to see a few more real  examples, sign up for our weekly newsletter and we’ll email you them.

Email Auto Responder #1: Your [Product] Just Shipped!

Date Sent: As soon as product ships

Dear [+FirstName+],

Great news! Your order of [YOUR BRAND][+ProductTitle+] from Amazon has shipped. It left our warehouse earlier today on its way to you! You can expect it on your doorstep within the next 3-4 days (probably sooner).

 You made a great choice shopping with us. At [YOUR COMPANY], we’ve created the [DESCRIPTOR #1 – best, easiest, most coveted, strongest] and [DESCRIPTOR #2 – smallest, most convenient, prettiest] [+ProductTitle+] available anywhere, specifically designed to make our customers [BENEFIT #1], [BENEFIT #2], & [BENEFIT #3].

We’re also 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction, so if you have any issues, we’ll work with you until you’re completely happy!

That’s it for now. I will check back with you in a few days to make sure everything is working for you.

If you do not receive your [+ProductTitle+] within 7 days. Please contact Amazon support here and we’ll gladly help you.







Email Auto Responder #2: Have You Received Your [Product]?

Date Sent: 7 days after product ships


Dear [+FirstName+],

You should have received your [+ProductTitle+] by now, so I’m just checking to make sure you’ve got it. If you haven’t received it, there’s a link at the bottom of this email to check the status or your order and to contact us and let us know.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to go over 3 questions with you that we get asked frequently. They are great questions we want all our customers to understand, that will really help everyone  [BENEFIT 1 – make life easier, make life better, save time, save money] and [BENEFIT 2 – not have pain, get more out of life, have more fun] available from using [+ProductTitle+].

They are:

1)  QUESTION #1 about [+ProductTitle+]?

[Insert Informative Answer] + [Related Statistic]

2)  QUESTION #2 about [+ProductTitle+]?

[Insert Informative Answer] + [Distinguishing Feature or competitive advantage of your product that is related to the question]

3)  QUESTION #3 about [+ProductTitle+]?

[Insert Informative Answer] + [Overcome any uncertainty or objection related to your product]

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask us, just reply to this email, we love to help.

I do also have one small favor to ask. We are a small business that puts quality first, and that can make it tough to compete with the big marketing budgets of the large companies and corporations out there. So if you haven’t had a chance yet, it would be a huge help if you can take just a few seconds to provide some feedback by clicking the link below? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and would make a huge difference to my business.

Please click this link: [+ProductReviewLink+]

If you have not received your [+ProductTitle+]. Please contact support here: [+ContactLink+]




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Email Auto Responder #3: How is Everything with Your [Product]?

Date Sent: 14 days after product ships


Hi [+FirstName+],

It’s been a couple of weeks since you received your [BRAND NAME][+ProductTitle+], and I just wanted to check everything is OK. If you have any questions on [+ProductTitle+] or the information I sent you in the last email, please just reply to this email and I’ll get right back to you.

Also, if I could just ask one small favour, if you’ve had a good experience with [BRAND NAME][+ProductTitle+]could you take literally 5 seconds to post a review by clicking the link below?

Please click this link: [+ProductReviewLink+]

It would really help us out, because we are a family run business that puts quality above quantity, and that can make it tough to compete with the big marketing budgets of the large companies and corporations out there. We really need all the help we can get!




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